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Affordable Care Act Mandates:

Due to the new mandates created as part of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), certain changes have been made in our office, effective immediately.

These Are Federal Laws That Cannot Be Changed Or Broken By Anyone In Our Office.


There Will Be No Exceptions.

  1. We Can No Longer Write Prescriptions Or Create Any Orders Over The Phone Or Without The Patient Physically Present. In Other Words, No Office Visit = No Prescription Refill(s).

  2. It Is Your Responsibility To Complete Your Ordered Lab Tests And Follow Up With An Office Visit Prior To Running Out Of Prescriptions.

  3. It Is Important To Keep Your Scheduled Appointment To Ensure That You Receive Timely Refills.

  4. No Shows Or Cancellations Will Result In A Denial Of Refills.

  5. Prescriptions Require A Follow Up Appointment Every 3 To 6 Months.

To help us, please bring your medications to EVERY appointment, as well as any paperwork you may need your healthcare provider to fill out/sign. Your annual Lab and Test Orders in your office visits so you do not need to return to get them. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE YOUR ORDERS.

Thank You in Advance for Your Cooperation!