What is IV Nutrient Therapy? IV (intravenous) nutrient therapy (IVNT) is a medical treatment by which sterile solutions of vitamins, minerals and other naturally occurring nutritive substances are infused directly into the bloodstream.

* If you have been too ill to eat, have been chronically ill, are elderly, training for a endurance or speed, IVNT may offer health benefits by improving the energy level of your cells and tissues, resulting in better quality of life.

  1. IV nutrition allows us to bypass your digestive tract, which in most people is dysfunctional and not absorbing nutrients as well as it should.

  2. IV nutrition also allows us to increase your tissue oxygen concentrations, stimulate the immune system and facilitate in the removal of toxic substances and free radicals from your body.

  3. IV vitamin drips can be used proactively to maintain optimum wellness.

  4. Our IVNT programs are specifically tailored to each individual’s needs.

IVNT has a history of safe application, when administered by well-trained medical professionals. Our programs include the following variety of cocktails:

  1. Alkaline/pH Balance

  2. Anti – Aging

  3. Anti-Inflammation

  4. Athletic Training

  5. Cancer Adjunct Treatment and Prevention

  6. Cleansing and Detoxification

  7. Energy

  8. Executive Stress Recovery

  9. Immunity

  10. Mini IV Vitamin Cocktail

  11. Myer’s IV Vitamin Cocktail

  12. Weigh Loss

IVNT Menu (include but is not limited to):

  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid – Ultimate liver support

  2. Aminosyn – Mood, appetite suppression, muscle building, preserve or restore key protein metabolism in stressful conditions

  3. Biotin – Hair, skin, nails

  4. Carnitine – Metabolism, lean muscle

  5. CoQ10 – Migraines, cancer fighter, antioxidant

  6. Glutathione – Energy, immunity, skin

  7. Infuvite – Important oil-soluble and water-soluble vitamins to maintain normal resistance and repair

  8. MIC – 3 powerful fat burners

  9. Myoden (AMP) – Energy at the cellular level

  10. NAD – Memory, focus, endurance

  11. PC – Depression, cholesterol, anxiety

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