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Functional Medicine Testing


  • Specialized diagnostic assessments, covering a wide range of physiological areas including digestive, immunology, metabolic function and endocrinology to find the underlying imbalance or root cause, which contributes to disease.
  • Numerous tests are available but recommendations are based on each client’s thorough history and physical exam. Some of the testing that we perform include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. Endocrine: Adrenal, Hormonal, Gliadin, Thyroid
  2. Environmental: Toxins and Toxic Load
  3. Gastrointestinal: Inflammation, Immunologic, Absorption, Microbiome, Microbiology and Permeability
  4. Immunology: Food and Environmental Allergy Testing
  5. Nutritional: Functional Nutrition Assessment, Oxidative Stress Status, Metabolic, Inflammatory, and Lipid Biomarkers
  6. Neurotransmitter and Genetics: Essential Neurotransmitters, Individual Genetic Function

Why Saliva Testing? Saliva testing, unlike serum tests, measures the bioavailable (“free”) levels of steroid hormones, correlating with symptomatology and potential deficiency. It’s only the unbound 1-5% of hormones that are actually available to target tissues and that actively exert specific effects on the body. Hormone levels in saliva represents the quantity of the hormone that is currently available to target tissues and actively exerting specific effects on the body.

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